Data-driven journalism, or data journalism, is defined as the practice of obtaining, reporting on, organizing, editing, and publishing data in the public interest, which involves collaboration in the use of statistical, computer science, visualization, designing, and news reporting techniques.
—— Stray, 2011; Coddington, 2015

As a response to such an emerging trend in the industry, the School of Communication and the Department of Journalism at the Hong Kong Baptist University are going to organize a University-wide data-driven storytelling competition. It aims to facilitate the interdisciplinary teaching, learning, and discussion on data-driven reporting, as well as to identify exemplary projects using emerging technologies.

This year we have:

9 Jury members
50 participants U-wide
14 submissions in total  --  3 videos + 6 webs + 5 written stories
1 winner + 3 honorable mentions

Rules and Procedures

  • The competition is a 3-day time-bound data-driven news reporting competition.
  • Create a data-driven story within 72 hours starting from 22 March.
  • All HKBU students are welcomed to join.
  • Awards:
    Champion ( 1 team, HKD 3,000);
    Honourable mentions ( 3 teams, HKD1,000 for each)

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Submission Guidelines

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Case References

Here are some data-driven reporting examples you may refer to.

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The Workflow of the Competition

18 March

Participants registration deadline

22 March
18:30 - 21:30, WLB208

Participants Briefing

  • Forming groups on site
  • Picking up ONE theme(the themes will be announced on site)
  • Picking up ONE submission format
    (Text or Video or Web)
  • Kicking off the project!

25 March

Uploading your works (4 files in total)

  1. ONE of the three forms of story:
    a PDF;
    or a video story;
    or a URL pointing to a web-based story
  2. Technical details, inclusing data access and division or labour.

31 March

Result Announced

Jury Panel


CK Lau  (Principal Lecturer;  Associate Dean, School of Communication)


(In alphabetical order)

Li Chen  (Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science;  Programme director of Data and Media Communication(DMC))

Bonnie Chiu  (Senior Lecturer;  Associate Head, Department of Journalism)

Roselyn Du  (Associate Professor, School of Communication;  Data and News Society Coordinator)

Robin Ewing  (Senior Lecturer; Director of International Journalism Programme,BSoSc (Hon) in Communication ; Associate Director of MA in International Journalism Programme)

Jenny Lam  (Senior Lecturer; Coordinator of Broadcast Journalism Stream, BSoSc (Hon) in Communication)

Raymond Li  (Senior Lecturer; Director of Chinese Journalism, BSoSc (Hon) in Communication ; Director of MSSc in Media Management

Stephanie Tsang  (Research Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism)

Xinzhi Zhang  (Research Assistant Professor; Associate Programme Director of Data and Media Communication Concentration, BSoSc (Hon) in Communication)

Organizing Committee

Xinzhi Zhang   (Corresponding)
Pili Hu
Roselyn Du

Institutional Support

School of Communication
Department of Journalism
The Data & News Society
The Data and Media Communication Concentration (DMC)

Hong Kong Baptist Univeristy
      School of Communication
    Department of Journalism
      The Data & News Society